Take the most of  your marketing data  with your favorite tools. 

Create interactive cross-channel reports in your favorite reporting tools by bringing in data from Facebook, HubSpot, Instagram, and more.

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Report for Google Data Studio
Used by more than 1000 companies
How it works

Overcome the challenge of data visualization. 

We literally move data from your favorites marketing platform to your favorites visualization tools. No more data extraction challenge. No more need to switch from tools to tools.

Catchr data integrations

Use your favorites data-visualization tools.

Quickly bring your marketing data from your favorite marketing platforms into your go-to reporting or data visualization platform. 

You can use Google Data Studio, Google Sheet or even our API.

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End the multiple Google Chrome tabs. 

With our connectors, you can pull all your marketing data directly in one place. No need to open as many tabs as you have platform. 

Juste use a data-visualization platform and start to activate your data. 

End the multiple Google Chrome Tabs

Collaborate actively with your client and your team.

Because most of the tools bring a way to work in team and share report. You can actively collaborate on your dashboard and satisfy your client or management team. 

Start now by using one of our templates !

We provide a lot of template that you can use with your favorites reporting tools. 

Frequently asked questions

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