Connect your marketing KPI to Power BI. 

Whether it's social media analytics, email marketing results, or PPC campaign data, Catchr bridges the gap.

30 + connectors

You can connect with any platform you want to.

10k+ metrics

Find all the metrics and dimensions you need for your dashboard.

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All your KPIs available

Gain instant access to all your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from multiple marketing platforms.

No Code, No Hassle

Our platform is built with simplicity in mind. Integrate your marketing platforms with PowerBI without writing a single line of code

Real-Time data

Stay up-to-date with your marketing campaigns and performance.

Integrate all your marketing data
to PowerBI

Microsoft Ads
Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Amazon Ads

Integrate any of your marketing platform

With our powerful PowerBI connector, you can link all the platform you use for your daily operations. Facebook Ads, Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, etc.

Our platform supports a wide range of integrations, ensuring that your favorite tools are always compatible.

Extract any KPI you want

With Catchr, you're no longer limited by pre-defined metrics. Extract any KPI you deem necessary for your analysis and decision-making processes.

Customize your data extraction to suit your business needs, ensuring that you're always focused on the metrics that matter most to you.

Whether it's conversion rates, click-through rates, engagement metrics, or customer acquisition costs, Catchr empowers you to tailor your data analytics.

Microsoft Ads
Google Ads
Facebook Ads
Amazon Ads

Build beautiful dashboard

Transform raw data into visually compelling stories. Catchr’s integration with PowerBI allows you to build beautiful, informative dashboards that communicate the heart of your data.

With intuitive design tools and customizable templates, PowerBI makes it easy to highlight your successes, identify trends, and inform decisions with clarity.

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Transform your marketing data into stunning dashboards.

Integrate, visualize, and impress with Catchr's seamless dashboards. Elevate your data game now!
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Our expert build free PowerBI templates that are ready to use.

Discover how to connect PowerBI to your marketing data

Effortless Integration
With our PowerBI integration, you can integrate any of your marketing data source to PowerBI. 
Focus on what matters
All the platform in fully no-code. You do not need code and we handle all the aspect from connection to deliverability to PowerBI.