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Unify and visualize your data.

Never let your team be slowing down by your marketing data. You can use Catchr to move your data in your data warehouse, visualize it in your favorite tools or be alerted when somethings goes wrong. 

Catchr Data Source

Connect all your platform.

With more than 10 integrations and many more to come, we bring to you the power to connect and unify your data in your favorite tools.

Eliminate all the manual data collection or development cost. Our solution is a full no-code solution

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Activate your data.

Once you have load your data, you can start to work on it. Make SQL query on you data-warehouse, visualize it on Google Data Studio or Google Sheet.

The data is pulling in live with our Google Data Studio or Google Sheet integrations. And you can schedule your extraction with live data.

Be alerted on catchr

Take actions.

Because you have save now more than 90% of your time, you can just take the right action on the right timing. 

And Catchr can help you with that with their alerting system. 

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Connect your marketing platform in one-click.


Use your favorite reporting tools to extract value from your most valuable KPI.


Never write one line of code. All our platform is no-code. 


Get access to live data, no historical backfilled data like a lot of our competitors.


Skip the part where you build the authentification process. We handle that for you.


Start dump your marketing data in your data warehouse, data lake, etc... with just one click.


Connect all your workflow tools to our platform. You can easily use dbt or other tools.


Take the control of your historical data.


Provide value to your client. You just need to connect their account with our one-click authentification process.


Use the tool you need to get your reporting. If a destination does not exists yet, do not hesitate to reach us. 


You do not need any developer or development expertise. Our platform is a full no-code eco-system. 


Sign-up, connect and start to create your report now. 

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