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Your current method is
draining time and money.

Copy / Paste
To export you marketing data, you need to go to each platform and make an export or even worse, copy / paste in Spreadsheet tools.
Blazing Slow
Navigate on each marketing platform every day leads to you to loose valuable time that you can invest in other task. 
Your client or manager wants beautiful data report, not email or spreadsheet with a ton of text and data.

But you could do better with Catchr

A fully no-code platform that move your marketing data from your marketing platform to your favorites tools.

Automate your data extraction.

Catchr handles everything — from authentication to extraction and loading — without requiring a single line of code.

Thank to this, you and your teams can eliminate the tedious task of manual data collection or copy / paster, which often results in inconsistencies and inaccuracies.

Whether you're tracking ad performances, website analytics, or user interactions, Catchr ensures that the data from these platforms is automatically harvested and ready for your analysis.

Visualize it with your favorite tools

In an age where data flexibility and integration are paramount, Catchr ensures that your information flows seamlessly to the platforms you rely on most.

Whether you're looking to analyze intricate metrics in BigQuery, visualize your results in Looker Studio, or even collaborate using Google Sheets, Catchr has you covered.

And for those who prefer the advanced dashboards of Tableau or the dynamic reporting capabilities of PowerBI, Catchr ensures effortless data import.

Cross-platform reporting

Catchr bridges this gap, allowing you to create stunning dashboards that integrate data from diverse platforms like Facebook Ads, Matomo, and Google Analytics 4.

No longer be confined to individual platform insights; instead, weave together a cohesive narrative from multiple data sources.

You get the power to visualize your cross-platform achievements in one centralized, aesthetically pleasing dashboard. Illuminate your data stories, and let your insights shine brightly across all platforms.

Built for every teams

Empower your freelance game with seamless integrations

Streamlined Efficiency
Catchr is bridging the gap between top marketing platforms and data visualization tools. Save time, deliver better insights, and stay ahead of your competition.
Unified Data for Insights
Whether you’re managing campaigns for multiple clients or optimizing your own promotions, integrate all your data into your favorite visualization tool.

Scale your agency's impact with Unified Data Solutions

Streamlined Workflows for Growth
Agencies are under constant pressure to prove ROI and deliver results.

With Catchr, streamline your data processes, reducing the manual labor of integrating ad platforms with visualization tools.
Deep Dive Analytics for Client Trust
From multi-client dashboards in Looker Studio to detailed reports in PowerBI, ensure your team has the best resources at their fingertips.

Offer clients a holistic view of their campaigns, fostering trust and long-term relationships.

Unlock strategic decisions with integrated marketing data

Holistic Data View
In today’s fast-paced marketing landscape, quick access to consolidated data is paramount.

With Catchr, eliminate the data silos, gaining a holistic view of your campaigns across various platforms.
Informed Decision Making
Make informed decisions by analyzing your ad performances side by side in tools like Looker Studio, Google Sheets or BigQuery.

With unified data, drive strategies that resonate, optimize spend, and amplify your brand's impact.

Enhance productivity with robust, Developer-friendly integrations

Simplified Integration Process
Developers play a pivotal role in ensuring seamless data flow and integration.

Catchr offers a hassle-free solution, enabling you to connect multiple marketing platforms to preferred visualization tools without the typical integration headaches.
Reliability and Focus
Prioritize building and innovation over troubleshooting.

With Catchr's reliable integrations, you can ensure stable data pipelines and focus on crafting exceptional user experiences for your teams and clients.

We work with customers across all industries.

Client typology
“The solution is a real game changer, providing optimal time savings for our data reporting. The major strength of the solution is their highly responsive and professional support.”
Client topology
“The major advantage for us has been that right from the start, Catchr has prioritized its support. This sets them apart significantly from other solutions I've tried.”
increase impressions
increase in organic traffic
“Velocity is crucial in marketing. The more campaigns we can put together, the more pages we can create, the bigger we feel, and the more touch points we have”

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