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Select a data source to copy your Looker Studio Template
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Select a data source to copy your Looker Studio Template
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Need more source ?

We provides a large choice of connectors that are perfect for your need.

Facebook Public Data
Unleash insights from public Facebook pages and posts to optimize content, engage audiences, and drive business growth.
Supercharge marketing with ActiveCampaign integration. Automate journeys, target segments, track performance.
Pipedrive integration page: Seamlessly connect and sync your Pipedrive account with our platform for streamlined sales and CRM management.
Connect your Mailchimp data to every destination easily with Catchr !
Grow your e-commerce with Klaviyo, the best e-commerce marketing automation platform.
Connect to Matomo to start tracking your website visitor and respect their privacy !
Connect your WooCormerce data wherever you need it, thanks to our WooCormerce Integration!
Spotify Ads
Visualize Spotify Ads campaign data in Looker Studio with ease using our Spotify Ads connectors. Gain insights, monitor performance, and optimize your campaigns.
Youtube Analytics
Publish and share video easily on one of the most visited website on the Internet !
Google Search Console
Google Search Console is a free service that enables you to monitor your website's performance in Google Search results ! You'll know how your visitors find your website.
LinkedIn Pages
Learn everything about your company page on LinkedIn !
Snapchat Ads
Create a great community and content easily, retain users, display your product in great ways with the Augmented Reality features.
Google My Business
You'll know everything about your visibility on Google Maps and Search, how many times your business was called, how many time someone drive to your store.
The best and easiest way to start selling products online ! Create your website without writing code and choose your theme between more than 100+ free templates.
Get your Tiktok profile page data on Google Data Studio and Google Sheet and start analyzing your video performance !
Publish news, sales, information on your Instagram page and keep in touch with your customers and attract new leads !
Google Analytics
Learn everything you can about users’ behavior and increase your result by finding bottleneck in your process thanks to Google Analytics.
Google Merchant Center
Expose your product catalog and store informations on Google and let your customer buy right from Google search thanks to Google Merchant Center.
TikTok Ads
Reach all type of audience and dynamite your ads thanks to the best-growing social network TikTok.
Twitter Ads
Sponsored your tweets, display them in front of potential followers and grow your subscriber thanks to Twitter Ads
Pinterest Ads
Boost your online marketing thanks to Pinterest Ads ! Reach creative people with beautiful ads tight on their news feed.
Amazon Ads
Reach potential customers when they are shopping on Amazon and ready to buy your product !
Facebook Pages
Keep in touch with your customer and attract new lead freely with a Facebook Page for your business !
Microsoft Ads
Connnect with 689 millions people and build true relation with your audience thanks to Microsoft Ads.
LinkedIn Ads
Target future customer on the bigger professional social networks. More than 750 millions of active professional ready to discover your ads !
Facebook Ads
Display your ads in front of the right people thanks to Facebook Ads and his 2.8 billions users on Facebook and Instagram.
Google Ads
Advertise on Google and put your message in front of potential customers right when they're searching for what you have to offer.