Move your marketing data directly into Google Big Query.

Catchr is the easiest way for marketing, growth, and data teams to transfer cross-channel marketing and sales data into your Google Big Query.

Start to move your data
For marketing teams

Add your data source

Connect your data sources in one click, without writing a single line of code.

Connect from anywhere including on-premise databases and cloud services such as Salesforce and Google BigQuery.

In addition, our support team can help 1:1 with anything that comes up when combining different types of data together into new insights.

What is needed : a simple account and that's all.

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For Engineering Teams

Add your data destination

Connect to your data sources, authenticate with your accounts, and configure data transfers into BigQuery in a few clicks.

Rather than storing your historical data in siloed spreadsheets, you can move all your marketing data into BigQuery with Catchr.

This gives you full ownership and access to your data for further analysis & visualization using tools such as Google Data Studio , Looker , Tableau or PowerBI.

For analytics teams

Connect the destination and the source

When your data is ready, you can start analyzing it with your favorites tools.

You can configure the data freshness of your data and give your data analytics teams always fresh data. 

Then use tools like Looker and Google Data Studio that connect with BigQuery and automatically understand your schema.