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Impressions, conversions, CPA, CTR, and many more.


Account, Campaigns, AdGroup, and many more.

Filter on anything

You can filter by any fields directly in our data connector.

Custom fields

Build custom fields directly from the destination of your choice.

Put the spotlight on the metrics that matter


Design beautiful dashboard for Criteo thanks to our integrations.


Use our Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel Add-ons to export data from Criteo.

Query Data

Need to do more with your Criteo data ? Extract to various format, database and data warehouse.

Extracting your marketing data has never been easier


Looker Studio

Harnessing the power of platforms like Criteo, Catchr seamlessly streams your data into Google Looker Studio, letting you craft interactive and dynamic dashboards.


Merge the analytical strength of Power BI with the data integration capabilities of Catchr to redefine your data visualization journey. Be it metrics from Criteo, or other platforms, Catchr ensures they are efficiently channeled into Power BI..


Tableau's reputation for turning data into impactful visual stories finds a perfect partner in Catchr. Our integrations with Criteo, ensure a streamlined flow of your data directly into Tableau.

Google Sheets

Google Sheet

By connecting platforms like Criteo directly to your Google Sheets, we eliminate manual data pulls, ensuring you have the latest metrics at your fingertips.

Microsoft Excel

Our integrations, spanning Criteo, provide a direct conduit of data into your Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. No more tedious imports or outdated datasets.


API connector

We support the extraction of the Criteo metrics in various format like CSV or JSON. With our dedicated you could easily build the custom request you want then use it in your code.

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Use our ETL / ELT system to import directly your Criteo data to your favorites data warehouse like Google Big Query

We work with customers across all industries.

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“The solution is a real game changer, providing optimal time savings for our data reporting. The major strength of the solution is their highly responsive and professional support.”
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“The major advantage for us has been that right from the start, Catchr has prioritized its support. This sets them apart significantly from other solutions I've tried.”
increase impressions
increase in organic traffic
“Velocity is crucial in marketing. The more campaigns we can put together, the more pages we can create, the bigger we feel, and the more touch points we have”
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Explore how Catchr can help exporting your Criteo data to your favorites destinations.

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