Your marketing data into Google Data Studio, directly.

Create beautiful dashboard that bring your marketing data directly in Google Data Studio.

Bring all your marketing data in one dashboard.

Google Data Studio gives you free hands to create the kind of dashboards you want, while Catchr helps you quickly pull data from as many sources as you need, all in just a few minutes.

Connect your data with surprisingly very-little effort.

Unite data from all your marketing platform

Connect to PPC, SEO, Social, analytics and others platform you use directly in Google Data Studio. 

No need to code

All our integration is one-click. You never need to write a single line of code to connect your data to Google Data Studio. 

No need to prepare your data

Unlike others competitor, we provide you a direct access to your data. You just need to go to Google Data Studio and connect the platform you want to use.

Show me how it works !

Get a cross-platform reports
in minutes, not days.

Compare all your data directly

Compare data from Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others in the same charts.

No more copy/paste or importing data

With our data connector, just connect your platform and you can start working directly in Data Studio. 

All your metrics in one place

We bring you the metrics and dimensions from the marketing platform you want. 

Explore all our integrations

Share your report and prove your value

White label report

You can customize anything with Google Data Studio. Logo, labels, Colors, Charts... It feels like your own reporting tools.

Collaborate with your teams

Google Data Studio offer a feature that let you collaborate with your team in real-time directly in the browser. 

Share your report

Use a PDF, a direct link or embed directly in your website. You can share your report in many format. 

Or use our ready-made Google Data Studio template

Create your report in seconds

Our templates gallery give your the opportunity to get templates that feet your needs in seconds. 

Created by top professionals

Our teams have more than 20+ years of experience in the PPC field. 

Easy to customize

Thanks to Google Data Studio, you can use our template and customize it directly to add your own brand, color, etc. 

We provide best in class supports for all our client.

You can reach us at any moment

With our live chat, you can reach us at any moment about any problem with our Google Data Studio report.

Custom Data Studio need

We have a dedicated team to help you build your own connector to your custom data source. Do not hesitate to reach us about any requests. 

Data Studio creation

Schedule a call with our teams and we make your Google Data Studio report free of charge for all our user. 

Book a call now !

Discover how to connect Looker Studio to your marketing data

Effortless Integration
With our Looker Studio connector, you can extract any of the marketing data you want in beautiful dashboard. 
No code needed
All the platform in fully no-code. You do not need code and we handle all the aspect from connection to deliverability. 

We offer integrations with 30+ marketing tools

Start working on marketing report now and never copy / paste again.
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