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The Ultimate Mailchimp KPIs to Keep Track of Your Email Marketing Campaigns

November 5, 2023
The Ultimate Mailchimp KPIs to Keep Track of Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Quick steps to create a Mailchimp report with Looker Studio:

You can easiliy create a Mailchimp report following this step :

  1. Get informations from the data integration from our Mailchimp connector.
  2. Create a datasource and new report on Looker Studio.
  3. Choose your metrics and dimensions.
  4. Use charts with your metrics and dimensions.
If you need more informations, you can follow the tutorial. You can also find a template for Mailchimp at the end of the page.

The tutorial

Quick steps to create a Mailchimp report with PowerBI:

You can easiliy create a Mailchimp report following this step :

  1. Get informations from the data integration from our Mailchimp connector.
  2. Create a source on
  3. Configure your request on the PowerBI request manager.
  4. Copy the given URL in PowerBI
If you need more informations, you can follow the tutorial. You can also find a template for Mailchimp at the end of the page.

The tutorial

Email marketing is the oldest yet most effective method to generate leads and promote new products. With over 4 billion active users, it has one of the highest customer retention rates, hovering around 40 times more than Facebook and Twitter. It speaks volumes about the effectiveness of a calculated email campaign for brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs.

However, not everyone can enjoy massive success without tracking down essential KPIs, and that's where MailChimp comes in. This versatile tool streamlines the data in a visually understanding manner to help you tailor your digital marketing strategy. However, setting up email marketing campaigns is only one side of the story. 

Measuring the progress of your campaigns is equally essential to spot loopholes and improve your strategy over time. Therefore, we have compiled a list of top Mailchimp KPIs you should know to make your email marketing campaign a success. 

What is Mailchimp?

Mailchimp is an AI-driven marketing platform that automates your marketing strategies, formulates targeted email campaigns, and analyzes your results for optimized performance.

A Mailchimp analytics chart using data from Google, with options for different metrics to show, such as email open rate.

Below are the few features that make this tool stand out:

1. Interactive Interface

Mailchimp's intuitive and easy-to-use interface makes it a go-to choice for beginners and seasoned marketers alike.

2. Robust Analysis

With Mailchimp, you can gain insights into valuable metrics, such as open rates, click-through rates, ROI, and conversions.

3. Customer Segmentation

Mailchimp lets you categorize your audience based on their demographics, interests, or behaviors. It helps you personalize the emails for each set of subscribers.

4. Multiple Integrations

Mailchimp offers integrations with numerous tools, allowing smooth monitoring of data and an enhanced success rate.

Why are Mailchimp KPIs Important?

Mailchimp KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are specific milestones or quantifiable figures you can measure over time to track the performance of your email marketing campaigns. By leveraging these KPIs, you can secure more than one benefit.

For one, they let you judge your subscribers according to their preferences and history with your brand. In addition, you can recognize errors in your digital marketing strategies based on your audience response rate. It helps you adjust your email subject lines, content, or formatting, increasing the quality of your campaigns in return.

Here's how you can find the right KPIs to suit your business needs:

  • Establish clear goals and objectives you want to achieve with your marketing emails
  • Set realistic milestones, such as x percentage of bounce rate by the end of the month
  • Explore the statistics or figures on a monthly or weekly basis
  • See what type of content is driving more sales and CTRs
  • Improve your marketing strategy according to the insights
  • Prioritize your customers and stay consistent in your approach  

Top Mailchimp KPIs for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

More than 60% of consumers rate email as the preferred platform for receiving brand updates and reminders. That means it's still one of the most effective channels for start-ups, entrepreneurs, and industries to market their business. For that reason, Mailchimp offers perfect email marketing solutions to assess how your campaigns are performing among the audience.

However, you need to keep track of several KPIs to make the most of this app. Let's discuss them in detail.

1. Open Rate

The Open rate measures the percentage of people who open your emails compared to those who don't. For instance, 50% of the email open rate suggests that if you sent emails to 400 subscribers, only 200 opened them.

This metric is suitable for adjusting the content and subject lines that grab the maximum attention and compel your audience to engage with your emails at any cost.

2. Email Bounce Rate

The bounce rate represent the percentage of promotional emails returned by the recipient's mail servers. It mostly happens when emails are not delivered to a list of audiences in your mailing list. While a higher bounce rate harms the marketer's reputation, 2% or less is the optimal value that indicates a successful digital marketing strategy.

This KPI helps you keep track of your brand reputation and regularly update your marketing database or content quality for a lower bounce rate.

3. Subscribers and Unsubscribers

Marketers use different software tools to create mailing lists of the audience based on their demographics, interests, or behaviors. Tracking the number of subscribers or unsubscribers is the best way to see how well the marketing content resonates with the audience and what you can do to improve it.

More subscribers will indicate that your content has a reasonable reach and relevancy to broader audiences. The trick is checking this metric twice a week for good maintenance.

4. Click-Through Rate (CTR)

Click-through rate defines the number of times people click on the emails' call-to-actions after viewing them. This KPI allows you to keep up with the traffic specific emails brought to your target website, blog, or social media page. Likewise, you can distinguish the poorly performing email marketing campaigns from the successful ones by estimating the CTR value received by each.

The optimal value denoting a good CTR for businesses is less than or around 3%. It is possible to improve your CTR value by considering the following steps:

  • Write simple yet persuasive subject lines
  • Revise your email marketing database to avoid spam filters
  • Design personalized emails to target each set of audiences

5. Spam Rate

The number of audiences marking your sent email as spam refers to the spam rate. A higher spam score means that your emails lack the persuasive power to drive more click-through rates, which can result in better conversions. Hence, this scoring metric is one of the most fitting KPIs for measuring content quality or relevance.

Over 65% of the recipients spam the received emails due to poor subject lines. The trick is to personalize these subject lines based on each category of customers and earn more revenue.

6. Devices

Tracking the types of devices your audiences use has a visible impact on your digital marketing strategy. Not only does it help you optimize the emails to suit different device layouts, but it also lets you design the content to target a specific set of audiences. Let's further simplify the concept!

Each device provides users with a unique experience due to individual layouts. Therefore, the email formatting and content need personalization to strike the audience. For example, marketers should use a different strategy to design content for GenZ as they mostly rely on smartphones or tablets compared to the millennials, who still prefer PCs.

6. List Growth

List growth represents the increase or decrease in the number of email recipients in the email marketing database over time. More people on the list imply that your content is reaching wider audiences, resulting in better reach and enhanced conversion rates. However, poor content or clickbait can negatively impact this metric, leading to a substantial loss of subscribers with time.

Top Mailchimp KPIs to Measure the Overall Results

Some of the KPIs can estimate how your marketing campaigns affect the overall goals and business objectives. Let's have a look!

1. Conversion Rate

It measures the number of sales or traffic brought by a percentage of the audience completing your desired action, such as clicking on the hyperlink or filling out a web survey. Email marketing is the ideal source for securing the highest conversion rates for businesses worldwide and estimating the overall success rate.

Top global corporations enjoy a conversion rate of around 11-12%. Here are five ways your business can achieve an optimal conversion rate through marketing emails:

  • Avoid crafting a single email with multiple CTAs.
  • Choose a specific time for sending the emails.
  • Personalize the emails based on the interests and behaviors of the audience.
  • Craft responsive content. Add questions, humor, and other interactive elements when you write the emails)
  • Try testing your subject lines with A/B testing before sending the emails.

2. Return on Investment (ROI)

ROI estimates the profit you have generated from your marketing campaigns after investing a specific amount of money. You can calculate the ROI value by the formula:

Income gained – Investment cost/Investment cost

For instance, if you have earned $10000 on a $6000 investment, the ROI would be 0.66 or 66%. The litmus survey suggests you can earn $42 on average for each dollar spent on your marketing efforts. Hence, this KPI is an effective tool to measure your success against the overall cost, allowing you to set a suitable budget for an optimized digital marketing strategy.

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Here's what you need to kickstart the process:

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In this Mailchimp template, you will find all the metrics and dimensions you would need to get a better view of your data thank to our integrations.

If you need more templates, you could look at our PowerBI template gallery.

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The Ultimate Mailchimp KPIs to Keep Track of Your Email Marketing Campaigns

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