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Unlock the power of your LinkedIn Pages data with seamless integration into PowerBi. Learn how to transfer, analyze, and visualize your marketing data for impactful decision-making.

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What I can do with Catchr x PowerBI ?

Provide powerful insight at all times.

Discover the power of data-driven decision making by connecting your LinkedIn Pages to PowerBI. Our streamlined service simplifies your ad data analysis, unlocking the path to enhanced performance and ROI. Extract any metrics or dimensions you need.





Create beautiful report directly in PowerBI

The data is directly pulled from LinkedIn Pages in live. And with the power of PowerBI, you could build beautiful chart without any knowledge on developement or data.

Beautiful UI components
Suited for all businesses

Bridge the gap between technical teams and marketing teams.

With our data connector, you do not need any code. Your marketing team is able, fastly and with no-error to export their data from LinkedIn Pages directly in PowerBI.

It has never been easier to create dashboard in PowerBI.

Live data

Our data connector pull their data directly from the API. You do not need any data warehouse and get always fresh data.

No code required

Gave the power to your marketing teams. Our solution is entirely no-code. You juste need to connect and it's done.

Multiple user

We do not limit the number of user accessing your report. So you can share and work with multiple person on the same report.

How to connect LinkedIn Pages to powerBI ?

Authorize Google Data Studio
#1 : Connect your data

Add a source on Catchr

Go to is the first step to getting your data.

Once you have added the source, you could start to build the request you want on PowerBI.
#2 : Build your query

Create the query you want to get data from.

Once you have added your source, you can go to and start building the query you want extract data form. 
#3 : Link your data

Get the data in PowerBI

Once you have the right data, copy / paste the URL you get from catchr to the web data importer on PowerBI.
#4 : Create your report

Start reporting

And it's done. You can start to build your PowerBI with the live data pulled from the API.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need in order to connect to PowerBI ?
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Do you provide support for the data connector ?
Is there any limitation in data-refresh or data freshness ?
our ıntegratıons

Need other data source

We provides more than 20 connectors for all the platform you need. Do not hesitate if something is not present.


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