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Seven benefits of using Google Data Studio in 2022

Johan Chemin
August 1, 2022
Seven benefits of using Google Data Studio in 2022

Google Data Studio is a very powerful tool for tracking all aspects of your business and marketing campaigns. It provides interactive layouts that make it easy for you to report on what's going well, as well as those areas where things could be improved !

Here is a list of ten benefits for using Google Data Studio in your day to day operations as a digital marketing agency :

1. Access unlimited widget

Google Data Studio lets you include any number of widgets to share and explain your data with ease. If you need score-card, bar chart or table, the app provides you some of the best visualization tools in the market. It's perfect for anyone who needs more than just a few charts or graphs because it also allows users to create custom reports and view data as they want. 

An example of multiple widget on a Google Analytics Dashboard.

2. Pull data from multiple sources

One of the best features of Google Data Studio is that you can pull data from a lot of different sources (as Facebook Ads, Google Ads, etc.) and then consolidate it in your reports. You just need to go to the Google Data Studio gallery then use the connector you want. 

This gives you access to all kinds of information you need for analyzing yours projects and campaigns ! And build cross-platform report. 

Some connector from the Google Data Studio Gallery

3. Share Data Studio reports with ease

Want to get feedback from your team members or decision makers without having them do extra work? You can build your report then share it report with anyone with a simple @email, a link or directly in PDF. 

4. Create easy-to-read reports for everyone

Google Data Studio is an all-inclusive, customizable reporting tool that can break down your reports into one page or 20 pages. You have the flexibility and ease of mind knowing Google will make sure it's tailored just right for YOUR needs !

With the ability to change fonts, colors, and more, you can make each campaign report easy-to-read. Plus, there's a wide range of customization options, including one up to thirteen widgets per page - this allow steam members and decision-makers at your company an inside view into what is happening within any given project !

5. Get dynamic reporting

With the right data connector (like, you can refresh your data from all your data-source automatically. You can set up your reports to update automatically with the latest data, or you may prefer more manual options and pull live numbers into each widget on-screen for instant analysis - there are no limits ! And all your data stay up-to-date no matter what. 

6 . Build interactive experience

With the integrated filter widget, you can build live filter that filter your data from your data-source. Or you can select a metrics and build an analysis or dive deeper in a data-table. You can even link page from another page from your google data studio template as if it's a real website. 

Some of filter we have build for a Google Data Studio template on Google Analytics

7. Use free data studio template

Google Data studio is the perfect place to create custom report for your business or client. But sometimes, you don't know where to start. With the template feature, you can simply duplicate a free google data studio template available on our site and use it in one-click. 

An example template for TikTok Ads

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