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Why You Need a Data Reporting Tool As a Digital Marketing Agency

Johan Chemin
August 17, 2022
Why You Need a Data Reporting Tool As a Digital Marketing Agency

As a digital marketing agency looking to serve its clients to the best of its ability, having the capacity to report on relevant data is imperative to the growth and success of said client, thus the growth and success of the agency.

While there are several data reporting tools available to be employed, it’s just as important to choose the best tools available. One such tool that every digital marketing agency should employ for their clients ?

You guessed it… Google Data Studio!

With that said, in what follows, we’ll be detailing the importance of implementing data reporting tools as a digital marketing agency. More specifically, we’ll discuss Google’s Data Studio and why it’s considered a premier data reporting tool.


What is Google Data Studio?

As an online tool used for reporting on and converting data in a customizable, visual fashion, Google Data Studio is part of the Google Analytics Suite.  

Unlike many data reporting tools that are extremely limited in their functionality and dashboard design, Google Data Studio brings with it a level of complexity in its function whilst boasting easy-to-use navigation across the platform.  

Evidently, Google Data Studio is a premier data reporting and visualization tool ideal for individuals, small teams, and digital marketing agencies alike…  

The Importance of Data Reporting

Data reporting is simply the act of collecting, analyzing, and organizing raw data gathered from various marketing efforts such as organic social media posts, paid digital advertisements, email marketing campaigns, and so on.

While it’s often perceived as being a tedious task that takes up time, producing no direct results to the bottom line, the opposite happens to be true.  

In fact, reporting on data provides clear and concise reference points that allow you to assess past efforts, current situations, and future results, ultimately facilitating intelligent decision-making that can change the course of your agency’s trajectory as well as the trajectory of your client's.  

Whether you’re a small business, multi-functional organization, conglomerate brand, or digital marketing agency, data reporting has proven to be an effective and even necessary function of operations.  

Not only does it tell you where to spend your time and efforts but it also informs you of mistakes being made and KPIs being achieved, ultimately providing you with a road map of progress, if you will.  

Below are the most common reasons why every business and marketing agency alike should implement data reporting into their overall digital strategy:


Helps to Make Informed Decisions.

Data is simply knowledge and information. Simply, having more knowledge and information on a given subject inevitably helps to make more informed decisions; Data reporting removes the guessing game that many of us continue to play…

Provides Proof of Right or Wrong Decisions.

Similarly, it also provides the necessary insights to back up claims, arguments, and reasons for decisions during a debate with colleagues.  

Helps to Find Solutions to Problems.

Data reporting allows you to determine causation, thus opening the door for finding solutions. Having a visual of certain data points provides insight into potential bottlenecks, thus providing insight into the necessity for solving a problem.

Withstanding the many reasons why data reporting is important, it ultimately generates added business value; an undeniable upside for digital agencies looking to provide optimal service to their clients…

Why Every Agency Needs a Data Reporting Tool

As a digital marketing agency looking to serve its clients to the best of its ability, data reporting is a necessary implementation and here’s why…  

As discussed earlier, data reporting presents information that helps you make more informed decisions that can ultimately improve the performance of a campaign. This, however, only scratches the surface of why every agency needs to report on data.

While servicing clients and ensuring that you garner the best results possible is essential, it’s just as important to build trust and credibility with them so as to retain them as loyal clients and increase the likelihood of word-of-mouth marketing.  

Well, reporting on relevant data and presenting to your client how such data can help improve their performance will not only give them peace of mind that they’ve chosen the right agency but it will also earn you the trust and credibility that all of your competitors who aren’t data reporting are looking for.  

This, in short, is why every digital agency needs to invest in a premier data reporting tool and use it to their advantage.  


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