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Supermetrics vs Whatagraph - Disclosing the Ultimate Marketing Analytics Tools

Florian Cabirol
November 8, 2023
Supermetrics vs Whatagraph - Disclosing the Ultimate Marketing Analytics Tools

Quick steps to create a report with Looker Studio:

You can easiliy create a report following this step :

  1. Get informations from the data integration from our connector.
  2. Create a datasource and new report on Looker Studio.
  3. Choose your metrics and dimensions.
  4. Use charts with your metrics and dimensions.
If you need more informations, you can follow the tutorial. You can also find a template for at the end of the page.

The tutorial

Quick steps to create a report with PowerBI:

You can easiliy create a report following this step :

  1. Get informations from the data integration from our connector.
  2. Create a source on
  3. Configure your request on the PowerBI request manager.
  4. Copy the given URL in PowerBI
If you need more informations, you can follow the tutorial. You can also find a template for at the end of the page.

The tutorial

In the thriving field of digital marketing, the necessity for efficient data analytics has never been greater. The administration, extraction, and analysis of data from an ever-growing variety of sources is a hurdle that all marketers face. Due to this task's extreme complexity, useful insights may go unused, which would limit a brand's ability to make data-driven choices.

Real-time insights, dynamic reporting, and smooth data processing are necessities in our era. The outmoded technologies and conventional procedures sometimes fall short, leaving marketers feeling overpowered by the growing amounts of data. 

But with so many choices, it's easy to get confused about which product would work best for your particular marketing requirements. With each having unique features and capabilities, choosing one might be difficult.

To assist you with making a wise choice, we'll explain the intricacies of these marketing analytics tools in this post. We'll also discuss a potential third option that can become your hidden weapon in the field of marketing reporting.

What is Supermetrics?

Supermetrics is a well-known brand in the world of marketing analytics, and it is renowned for the extensive variety of data connectors that it offers with well-known analytics and reporting systems. 

It makes it possible for marketers to effortlessly extract data from sources such as Google Analytics and Facebook Ads, as well as other sources, and then turn that data into meaningful insights by using tools such as Google Sheets, Excel, Tableau, and PowerBI.

To get to know Supermetrics better, you can start with a 14-day free trial, without a credit card required.

For more information, check out Supermetrics.

What is Whatagraph?

The one-stop shop for linking, visualizing, and sharing your marketing data is Whatagraph. Bid adieu to the time-consuming data-related duties that used to drag your team down. 

You can simply generate spectacular reports using Whatagraph, link your data sources with ease, and publish them with ease. 

Additionally, it enables you to easily disseminate data to your stakeholders or move it to BigQuery. Utilizing Whatagraph will not only make your data processing simpler, but it will also save time that can be used for other aspects of your marketing initiatives.

You can check out this tool with the 7-day free trial.

Visit Whatagraph to find out more.

Which One is Ideal for Whom?

Before getting into a full comparison, it's important to realize that the best option between Whatagraph and Supermetrics will rely on your unique demands and tastes.

For data-driven marketing professionals who want access to several sources and analytical tools, Supermetrics is a flexible option. It's especially useful for those who depend on Google Sheets a lot and need a range of connectors.

Supermetrics is ideal for small and middle-sized businesses and organizations, solopreneurs, freelancers, and marketers.

On the other hand, Whatagraph is a fantastic option for people or groups seeking a user-friendly, visual report production solution. It is perfect for marketers who value report aesthetics and want to speed up the reporting process. 

Whatagraph seems best for large-scale firms and enterprises and bigger teams.

How Supermetrics Differs from Whatagraph - A Quick Overview

Let’s take a quick glimpse at what Supermetrics and Whatagraph have to offer:




Number of Connectors




Offers 15 destinations including Excel, Google Sheets, and Looker Studio.

Offers 5+ integrations including Google Sheets, BigQuery, and custom APIs.

Data Transformation and Harmonization

Offers a beginner-level data transformation & harmonization

Offers an expert-level and customizable data transformation & harmonization

Data Governance Features

Has no feature for data governance

Gives you a bird-eye view of all your data by letting you monitor necessary metrics

Data Exploration and Dashboards

Does not come with this feature

Comes with top-notch exploration features and dashboards

Supermetrics Vs Whatagraph - A Detailed Comparison

Let's dissect the comparison into a few key components so that you can get a thorough insight.

Data Connectors 

Supermetrics prevailed in this contest because of its extensive array of data connectors. Supermetrics can let you extract data from databases, online analytics systems, or advertising networks. Supermetrics is a powerhouse for thorough data collection and analysis with 100+ links to Google Sheets, Looker Studio, Tableau, PowerBI, Big Query, and more.

WhatAGraph offers 100+ connectors, depending on the subscription plan, with important data sources including Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Instagram Insights, and more, however, it is less comprehensive than Supermetrics. It works well for people who value simplicity over a wide variety of integrations.

Data Destinations

A wide variety of data destination choices are available from Supermetrics. Through APIs, you can easily transmit data to about 15 well-known applications like Google Sheets, Excel, Tableau, PowerBI, Looker Studio, and several data warehouses. Supermetrics gives you the ability to handle your data effectively if you need full reporting and data warehousing and are working with many data sources.

Whatagraph allows integration with 5+ applications, including BigQuery, Google Sheets, custom APIs, and more. It hands you complete control over your data so you can manage it efficiently.

Reporting and Visualization

Supermetrics is the go-to option for marketers who demand comprehensive, customized reports and in-depth research since it excels at data extraction and compilation. Supermetrics is a solid candidate if you want complete control over how your data is displayed and examined.

WhatAGraph is an expert in producing stunning, automatic reports. Because of its emphasis on design and visualization, marketers can create visually beautiful reports with less time and effort. If you need considerable adjustments, it may not be the best solution.


Supermetrics comes with a 14-day free trial whereas Whatgraph offers a 7-day free trial. However, both tools provide users with subscription plans of distinct natures. Supermetrics offers plans based on the type of destination you pick.

Pricing is available for a few applications only, including Looker Studio,, Google Sheets, and Microsoft Excel. To get more information about other sources, you will need to get in touch with the sales team.

While Whatagraph offers straightforward subscription plans. It offers three plans, namely; Professional, Premium, and Custom. Starting from $199 a month with 25 data sources, it goes up to 100+ sources for customized pricing. 


Supermetrics is generally user-friendly, however, certain integrations may need some technical expertise to retrieve data efficiently. For marketers who like an entirely no-code solution, this can be a disadvantage.

When it comes to usability, WhatAGraph excels, offering a straightforward and easy interface for creating visually stunning reports. For those who wish to shorten the reporting process without becoming mired down in technical minutiae, this makes it a terrific option.

Keeping the usability and functions aside, if these tools seem impossible for you to get a hold of due to technological restraints, keep reading—we’ve something in store for you.

Another Alternative for Your Marketing Reports:

While WhatAGraph and Supermetrics are both effective tools, there is a third option you need to take into account: provides a special combination of features that may improve the effectiveness and ease of use of your marketing reports. It is the best marketing analysis tool on the market today.

For more information, visit Catchr.

A Quick Overview: Why Catchr Stands Out makes a strong argument for marketers and data aficionados alike when it comes to marketing analysis. Let's examine the distinguishing features in more detail:

No Coding Required

The no-code approach of is one of its unique characteristics. is made with simplicity in mind, unlike some other programs that may need coding skills for data extraction and manipulation. 

Without coding or technical knowledge, you can immediately access and deal with your marketing data with, whether it is stored in Google Sheets or Looker Studio. This no-code method removes hurdles for marketers who may not have technical backgrounds while also saving time.

Simple Account Setup

The account creation procedure on is simple and hassle-free. To activate your account, you don't have to go through the time-consuming process of working with a sales professional. It's a self-serve platform, so you can start using it right away. 

This simplified onboarding procedure guarantees that you may start using's capabilities without undue delay or difficulty.


Cost-effectiveness is a key factor for every marketing team to take into account. is aware of how crucial it is to make decisions that are financially responsible. It has an open and competitive pricing system. 

The price on is unique in that it covers all data ports, removing the possibility of extra, unforeseen expenditures. It is a desirable solution for marketers who want dependable and feature-rich reporting without breaking the bank due to its cost-effective strategy.

Starting from $11.99 a month for freelancers and beginners to $164.99 a month for agencies and corporations—Catchr offers versatile plans, catering to all kinds of users.

High-Functionality and User-friendliness successfully balances high functionality and usability. Users may quickly get used to the platform because of its user interface's simplicity and straightforward design. You will find to be approachable and friendly, regardless of your level of marketing expertise or experience with data research. doesn't sacrifice functionality while doing so. It has several features that may be tailored to the various requirements of marketers, from small firms to major corporations. The platform is a complete solution for marketing analysis since it excels at data extraction, processing, and reporting.

Integrations is aware of how crucial it is to link with numerous data sources and analytics programs. Similar to Supermetrics, offers seamless interaction with 10+ tools like Looker Studio and Google Sheets, making it possible for you to gather information from many sources for in-depth analysis. is positioned as a flexible solution for marketers that use a variety of data platforms and technologies to make data-driven choices thanks to the range of connectors it offers.

Appropriate For is appropriate for a variety of businesses and professions, including:

  1. Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs): is a great option for SMBs that want a robust but cost-effective marketing analysis solution due to its cost-effectiveness and user-friendly interface.
  2. Startups: provides the ease of use and features required to launch rapidly for entrepreneurs and solopreneurs wanting to jumpstart their data-driven marketing strategy without a large budget.
  3. Independent Contractors and Online Marketers: Due to's no-code approach and user-friendly interface, freelancers and solo marketers may build professional reports without a challenging learning curve.
  4. Mid-sized Organizations: is a flexible solution for mid-sized businesses searching for a mix between functionality and cost-effectiveness. While keeping a reasonable cost, it provides complete features.
  5. Large Corporations: The numerous connectors and no-code approach of, which streamlines data analysis and reporting procedures, may be beneficial to even huge businesses.

In conclusion, the field of marketing analysis tools is seeing a rise in the popularity of It is the perfect option for companies and professions because of its exceptional mix of no-code simplicity, cost efficiency, and numerous integrations. delivers the capabilities and tools you need to maximize the value of your marketing data, regardless matter whether you're a startup, freelancer, or employee of a major corporation.

Final Thoughts

All in all, the decision between Supermetrics, WhatAGraph, and relies on your own requirements and preferences. For individuals who demand wide data sources and thorough research, Supermetrics is a reliable option. For individuals who value visually attractive, automated reporting, WhatAGraph stands out as a great option. fills the void by providing a no-code, affordable substitute with many connectors and lovely reporting tools.

Having the appropriate tools is crucial for the success of your efforts in the area of marketing analytics. When making a choice, take into account your priorities, your spending plan, and the type of reporting requirements. Your marketing efforts might be considerably impacted by the tool you use since each of these tools has certain advantages.

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In this template, you will find all the metrics and dimensions you would need to get a better view of your data.

If you need more templates, you could look at our looker studio template gallery.

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In this template, you will find all the metrics and dimensions you would need to get a better view of your data thank to our integrations.

If you need more templates, you could look at our PowerBI template gallery.

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