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Error on Looker Studio : There are too many scripts running simultaneously for this Google user account

Johan Chemin
March 22, 2023
Error on Looker Studio : There are too many scripts running simultaneously for this Google user account

Looker Studio is an excellent free reporting tool provided by Google! It allows you to build dashboards and analyze your data quickly. 

But it also has some limitations. Sometimes, when you open a report, an errors message like this one happen: 

"There are too many scripts running simultaneously for this Google user account".

In this article, we will see what it means and how to avoid it.

What does "There are too many scripts running simultaneously for this Google user account" mean?

In Looker Studio, a script is a request for information. So, when you open your report, you run many scripts to load all your data. And these scripts need to be more intuitive. So, here's a list of scripts in your report : 

  • A simple card is one script.
  • A table with multiple dimensions and metrics is also one script.
  • A dynamic filter on a dimension is one script.
  • If you used the Compare to previous period options, double up your number of scripts by component. For example, a simple card or a table are now two scripts.

You are starting to get it; this error message appears when you reach the limit of simultaneous requests to Looker Studio.

Commons mistakes that trigger the error

The number of components:

The first reason is the number of components. If you get this message a lot, there is a high chance that you have too many charts on one page.

Here's the limitation rate from Looker Studio :

  • For Google connectors: 50 scripts by user.
  • For Partner connectors: 30 scripts by user.

Try to count the number of components on your page. Then, double up that number if you used the "Compare to previous period" option. That's your number of requests by page.

How to avoid:

The best solution, in that case, is to create new pages and divide your report into multiple pages.

You tried to open more than one page at once

Looker Studio is all about patience. Opening a report can be a struggle if you have an urgent need. But trying to open all the pages of a dashboard simultaneously in the hope of reducing your waiting time is the worst solution.

You will launch as many requests as there are components by pages, even more with the comparison options. And all the pages will display the error message.

How to avoid:

There is no great solution. You have to open one page at a time and wait for it to load.

How to solve this error

There is a solution to push the limitation imposed on partner connectors. You need to use a Google one in your report. Great news, you can use one even if you need data from a Partner connector!

Extract data source:

The extracted data source connector is a Google connector. It allows you to connect to another data source and pull the data into a new data source stored on the Google side. You can then use this data source in your report, pushing the limitation to 50 requests. It can also be an excellent way to reduce the loading time.

The only con is your data is only refreshed once a day compared to the live connector you used.

You can find a complete tutorial on using the extract data connector at our academy!

Google Sheet:

On the same principle, you can pull your data into a Google Sheet using our add-on and then connect your Google Sheet to Looker Studio with the free Google connector.

It's also one of the best ways to reduce the loading time.

You can find a complete tutorial on how to use our Google Sheet add-on in our academy.

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