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Create a data source for Google Data Studio

Johan Chemin
October 11, 2022
Create a data source for Google Data Studio

Create a data source on Google Data Studio :

The first thing you have to do on Google Data Studio is to create a data source.

This will allow you to create a bridge between your data on a platform like Facebook Ads and Google Data Studio.

Once it is done, you will be able to create reports and explore your data thanks to a great and easy user interface.

How to create your first Google Data Studio data sources ?

Go to Google Data Studio home page and follow those step :

  • Click on “Create” then “Data Source”.

  • Search for “Catchr” in the search bar and select the connector you wish to use :
  • Pass through the authorization step, the first one allows Catchr to connect to your Google Data Studio account, the second one allows Google Data Studio to access the platform.
  • Choose your networks and account then choose your configuration :

The configuration allows you to manage attribution settings for the data source. Either you configure the left column for the entire data sources or you check the right column and let editor manage the attribution for each component of the future report.

  • And your data source is now created ! You can explore the different fields available for this platform here.
  • You can start creating a report by clicking on the “Create report” button on the top right corner. If you uncheck the “Use report template for new reports” option on the previous page, you will start from scratch, otherwise, you will start with a template given by the connector provider.

You can find more template on our Template section and feel free to ask for help on our chat box =).

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