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Catchr is the easiest way for marketing, growth, and data teams to transfer cross-channel marketing and sales data into any destination.

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Your data is beautiful, use it. 

Catchr and Looker Studio unlock the power of your data. You can, in seconds, connect all the marketing platform you want (like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.) and build beautiful dashboard. 

You can easily connect and merge the data you want and build report for your management, clients or you. 


Create any dashboard you want in seconds. 

Easy to Manage

Share any dashboard to anyone or embed it on any website. 
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Connect your data

No need to copy / paste your data to Google Sheet then pull the data from Looker Studio. With our integrations, you can easily pull the data directly from the source and move it to Looker Studio. 

You always have fresh data, the same that you have in your account. No database needed. 


More efficient workflow

No more copy past. 


Productivity Increase

Build in wysiwyg editor. 
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Share your story

You can share your report with anyone. Your team, your clients, etc. No more huge Google Sheets.

You juste need to connect Looker Studio and Catchr to pull your data in seconds, not days. Then start creating you dashboard and share it with the world. 

Fully shareable

Fully customizable granularity for your sharing options. 

Easy to Manage

Visual editor to select who have the right to what. 

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Why Choose Catchr for your Matomo integrations to Looker Studio

No code platform. 

Just authenticate your Matomo account, and your new Matomo data integration to Matomo will be fully available in seconds.

Always fresh data.

We connect our integrations directly to the Matomo API. We do not push any data to any database. So you will always have the data that you see in your account manager.

Use any metrics you want.

We have made the work of normalizing your Matomo data. If a metrics or dimension exist in Matomo API, then you will find it in our integrations.

Customer care first.

We dedicated an account manager for your account from your first day at Catchr until the very last one. 
Johan, our head of customer success, will be there everyday. 

Start now with our Matomo template for Looker Studio

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