Klaviyo to Google Sheets

Catchr is a powerful data analytics tool that allows users to easily connect various data sources to their Google Sheets. With Catchr, users can easily import data from different sources and manipulate it to create valuable insights and reports.

Connect to Google Sheets
Google Sheets
Get all your metrics and Dimensions

Save hours and build better Sheets.

Get all your marketing data in your Sheets in one clicks with Catchr

54 metrics

Impressions, conversions, CPA, CTR, and many more.

55 dimensions

Account, Campaigns, AdGroup, and many more.

Filter on anything

You can filter by date or anything else.

Custom fields

Build custom fields directly from Google Sheets.

What I can do with Catchr x Google Sheets ?

Connect, in seconds.

With our integration to Google Sheets, you can connect any sources you want and get the data directly in your spreadsheet.

Easy data import

Catchr makes it easy to import data from various sources into Google Sheets.


Catchr saves time by automating the data import process and eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Data manipulation

Users can easily manipulate and transform data within Google Sheets to create valuable insights and reports


Our entire platform is a no code platform. You do not need any line of code to get your data. 

Collaborate, from anywhere.

Create a single source of truth for your data in your online spreadsheet, with easy sharing and real-time editing. To keep the analysis moving, use all the power of Google Sheets.

Use Catchr as your data connector

Show, all your data.

Catchr is cleverly linked to Google Sheets, saving you time. Marketing data can be easily analyzed in Sheets, and Sheets charts can be embedded in any Google Tools like Google Form or Google Slide.

Unlock the full potential of your data

Build custom reports

Build business apps and automations to accelerate workflows. Catchr allows you to create custom applications on top of Sheets without writing code. All the functions from Google Sheets can also be used.

Work with live data

Data is always pulled in real-time from your sources. We do not store your data in any data center. As a result, you always have the most up-to-date information about your campaigns / customers / etc.

Seamlessly connect to data

Pull in and analyze data from other tools you use, such as Klaviyo. You can pull all your data without any limit abour GB or row - all without writing a single line of code.

How ?

How it works ? 

Connect your marketing account to google sheets
Go to Google Workspace

Download the Catchr extension install it.

Go to your Sheets and launch the Catchr extension.

Once you have installed the extensions, you need to go to the "extensions" menu then click on "Catchr - Data Connector"

Connect google Sheet second step
Google Sheets for Catchr
Start to export data directly from our sidebar

Once the extension launched, you can do anything from our integrated sidebar.

Just select your account, your dimension and metrics then click "Get data". That's all. 

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Need more marketing data-sources ?

With Catchr, you can integrate all your marketing data directly into Google Sheets without any code, in seconds. 



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