Learn how to Use Google Sheets and Catchr to Streamline Your Data Analytics Workflow and Boost Productivity

What you will learn :

In this comprehensive Google Sheets Academy, you will learn all the basics of using Google Sheets. From setting up your spreadsheet to pulling data from different sources, creating formulas, and visualizing data, you will gain a solid understanding of how to use Google Sheets and Catchr to streamline your data analytics workflow and boost productivity. Whether you are a marketer, data analyst, or simply looking to enhance your spreadsheet skills, this course will provide you with practical knowledge and hands-on experience to master the essentials of Google Sheets for Supermetrics.

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How to start with Google Sheets

To connect your marketing platform to Google Sheets, you just need to install the official extension from the Google Marketplace. 

Go to the add-on page
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All our connectors deliver live data from the marketing platform. We never stock any data on our server.