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Connect and export instantly all your Amazon Ads data to Big Query thanks to our no-code integrations.

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Extract your Amazon Ads data to Big Query

Create your data-warehouse for Amazon Ads in Big Query

Thanks to our no-code integration between Amazon Ads and Big Query, you could easily connect all you data.

Select all dimensions and metrics you want for Amazon Ads

Export all your Amazon Ads data to Big Query in one click. You can easily select any metrics or dimensions you want.

You can rename any field your want and use any partition field if you want to partition your time data.





Schedule easily your data fetch

You can easily backfill your Amazon Ads data into your Google Big Query data-warehouse.

You can schedule a refresh of your data at the time you want to always have fresh data.

Easily integrate all your marketing data directly into Google Big Query

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Use our no-code technology to extract your data in minutes

Effortless Integration
With just a few clicks, connect your data sources to BigQuery without writing a single line of code, transforming complex data integration into a straightforward task.
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Start analyzing your data in BigQuery within minutes of setup, accelerating the journey from data collection to actionable insights.

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