#3 - Share your report in Looker Studio.

#3 -  Share your report in Looker Studio.

In the first tutorial, you learned how to create a Data Source and in the second you learned how to create a report and add charts to it.

Now that you know how to build your dashboard, it is time to share it with other people. That way, some of them can consult it, and others can edit it!

Viewers and editors:

You can choose the role of the people you shared your report with :

  • Viewers: These persons are only allowed to view the report. They can interact with it through control fields but they won’t be able to modify it. They can only consult and filter data through the specific control fields.
  • Editors: Editors, on the other hand, can modify the report. They can move charts, change metrics and dimensions, add new pages, add a new data source, modify embedded data sources, modify the design…

Share a report through email:

Locate the “🧑‍💼+ Share” button at the top right of the page and click it.

Click the input Add people and groups :

How to share your report on Looker Studio ?
Share your Looker Studio report with people and groups.

In the new pop-up :

Share with someone thanks to his emails.
Share your report thanks to an email.

You can enter the email of a Google account or the email for a Google group.

Then choose the level of accreditation : Viewer or Editor.

Finally click Send.

This person (or group of person) will receive an invitation email to edit the report.

Share with link settings:

You can set sharing configuration through the URL. You can choose to give Viwer or Editor access for all the person with the URL link:

Click on the Share button at the top right of the page and locate the Link Settings :

Share your report with everyone at once !

You can choose between 3 to 4 settings :

  • Restricted → Only people allowed by email can view or edit.
  • Your domain name (available only with a professional adress) → people of you domain can access the report with the link and can view or edit.
  • Unlisted → Everyone with the link can view or edit.
  • Public → The report is available in the template list of Looker Studio and anyone can click on it and view or edit it.

Scheduled email delivery:

You can schedule downloading and the sending of your report in pdf format through email.

At the right of the Share button, click on the arrow. Select Schedule email delivery:

  • Sender will automatically be the owner’s report.
  • Choose the receiver (you can customize the subject and message by clicking the checkbox).
  • Choose a Start time and and Repeat configuration so the email is automaticaly sent  at your schedule.
  • Click on Schedule.

The next time you reach the schedule, the recipient will have a PDF version of the report in his inbox Gmail.

Get a shorter version of the URL:

You can get a shorter URL more friendly to share that the original one. To do so click on the arrow at the right of the Share button, then click Get report link.

Keep the option Link to your current report view to share the actual view you use.

Include your report in a website:

You include your report in a website easily thanks to an ifram or an embed URL. To get it, click on the arrow at the right of the Share button, then click Embed Report.

Activate the Enable Embedding option.

You can choose what you need :

  • Embed Code will give you an iframe to copy paste in your website HTML.
  • Embed URL will give a link to the report with no Looker Studio interface. You can use it anywhere you need.

Get a PDF version of your report:

You can get a PDF version of a report anytime by clicking the last row in the arrow right of the Share button. It will capture a snapshot of your report at the moment of the click. Meaning, it will keep your filters and research

It will then lauch the download of the report on your computer.

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